General Dentistry Services

Emergency Dentistry
In pain? Need help fast? Contact our emergency dentists and be seen as quickly as possible.

Crowns & Bridges
Crowns and bridges are great restorative treatment options following a root canal or implant procedure. Durable, functional, and beautiful!

Root Canals
Bad toothache? A root canal and tooth-colored crown might be the best option for you.

TMJ Treatment
No more headaches and jaw pain! Learn more about our non-surgical TMJ treatment options.

Removable Dentures
A great alternative to other tooth restoration options. Find out if removable dentures are right for you.

Implant Prostheses Replace missing teeth forever with beautiful and natural restorations. Implants look and function just like real teeth!

Nitrous Oxide

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a odorless gas that produces a relaxed feeling throughout your body. Administered through a small mask worn over your nose, you’ll breathe the gas before and during your treatment.

Nitrous oxide wears off extremely quickly, often within just a few minutes after the gas stops flowing.

Oral Sedation

If needed, our dentists can prescribe prescription medications to help you relax before your appointment. Oral sedation is often used in conjunction with other methods to help eliminate or reduce anxiety before treatment.

Ask your dentist about the different medications available and which might be best for your needs. Be aware that some medications may take a few hours to wear off.

General Dentistry
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Conscious IV Sedation

Also known as twilight sedation, conscious IV sedation is one the most flexible forms of sedation dentistry. Administered via IV, it produces a dreamlike state and leaves you with little to no memory of your dental procedure. However, you’ll still be “awake” and able to follow your dentist’s instructions. The amount can be adjusted throughout the procedure to maximize your comfort.

General Anesthesia

The deepest form of sedation, general anesthesia allows you to be completely “asleep” throughout your treatment. Under the supervision of an experienced anesthesiologist, our general anesthesia treatments allow you to “sleep” through your entire treatment. You’ll then recover in our private treatment suites.