Oral Surgery Services

Our oral surgeons offer the surgical dental services you need — all at our high-tech and modern facility. Unlike some other oral surgeons, our partners made a significant investment in technology to make the care they offer more comfortable and more effective:

Cone Beam CT Scans - Allows for precise planning of surgical treatment

Intraoral Scanner - Creates a 3D model of your mouth to guide your oral surgeon — no messy impressions

Oral Surgery
Oral Surgery Clinic

Wisdom Tooth Removal
Eliminate pain and reduce tooth crowding with our gentle wisdom tooth extractions.

Tooth Extractions
Remove and repair broken, damaged, or decayed teeth. Emergency appointments welcome.

Dental Implants
Expert dental implant procedures restore health and cosmetic beauty to your smile.

Bone Grafting
Restore the health and stability of your jaw. May be recommended as part of a dental implant procedure.

Regenerative Therapies
Help your body heal itself. High-tech regenerative therapies are designed for fast-healing.

Minimally-invasive biopsies of oral tissue. In-house lab can get your results back quickly.

Sinus Lifts
Make room for implants and repair bone damage done by periodontal disease.

Eliminate large gaps between teeth and help prevent gum recession.

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery
Treatments to help prepare your mouth for dental implants, dentures, and other restorations.